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The project has ended at the end of 2014.

We’re happy to announce our work for education in Tampere Region continues in a network of education experts. Welcome to our new website: Tampere City Region Academy!


TOP School – Learning environments development coordination project aims to modernize learning environments in schools of Tampere, Finland.

This will be achieved, inter alia, by creating high-quality, mutually supporting projects that focus on learning environments in a broad sense – facilities, communities, practices, tools. Centralized coordination point is created for development activities. This will help to bring together both ongoing and new projects to a single goal-directed big picture, based on one vision. The goal is to raise learning environments in Tampere to important reference points, both nationally and internationally. European Regional Development Funds finances project.

Project is targeted at learning environments of 2nd grade education. To ensure continuation in lifetime education, project also cooperates with early childhood and primary education as well as with higher education and teacher training. Also links with the business sector will be increased. One objective is the productization of learning environments and the identification of business potential. For example, in basic education establishing an international school offers possibility to new educational export products.

Education in Finland
Finnish Education in a nutshell
Teachers in Finland – trusted professionals

Developing Learning Environments  – Investing in Future
PDF presentation by former Deputy Mayor of Tampere Perttu Pesä

Developing Learning Environments – Education for a Sustainable Way of Life in Tampere, Finland
PDF presentation by Project Director Riitta Juusenaho
first presented in Changwon, South Korea (12th Educating Cities, 26.-28.4.2012)

Northern Lights – Excellence in Education
PDF presentation by Project Director Riitta Juusenaho
first presented in Tucson, Arizona, USA (FinnFest 2012, 8.-11.11.2012)


Contact information

Riitta JuusenahoProject Director
Mrs. Riitta Juusenaho, Doctor of Education
P.O. Box 487, 33101 Tampere, Finland
+ 358 40 806 2151


Project Secretary
Mrs. Johanna Kurela, Master of Arts
+ 358 40 806 2638



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